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Stardust creates books for kids combined

with AR

We are on a mission of bringing the joy of reading back in the game!


Why does your child need Stardust Books?

We have the books available on demand now. This video only tells the mission of Stardust AR.

How the Book Works


Get the book and Stardust AR app on the app store. Now you are all set.

The app is free. You can

download it on your iPhone or Android.

While reading the book, pay attention to this mark on the pages.

If you see the mark, point an

open Stardust AR app to this


 The illustration will come to life in the room. Take some time to explore it.

You can look at it from different angles, fly up in the sky or in some cases dive deep in the ocean! 

The Dreams of Ariadna

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Ari is a girl overcoming illness and curing the world from its biggest problems in her dreams. The characters will fly into your room and take you on captivating adventures.

2019-06-21 00.23.26.jpg

Thanks for submitting!

The Dreams of Ariadna is out of stock at the moment. 

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock.

Please leave your valid email address below.




If you believe in the idea of bringing back the joy of reading by combining the book with technology, show us your support!

Let's be co-creators of the new generation of literature for kids.

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